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About Coach Tony Ballard

Coach Tony Ballard is a guy who knew in high school that one day he would become a coach, a teacher, and motivator for kids playing the Quarterback position. He learned the true meaning of working hard from Henry “SHAKE” Washington and Clarence Higdon.  He also discovered a simple fact – Failure Is Not An Option!!

Coach Ballard attended Florida A&M University where he learned the Quarterback position by playing and studying the fundamental techniques that make a Quarterback GREAT! He truly believes you must be a student of the game first, so that you can be a master at it later.

Tony was the first head coach with the New Tampa Wildcats to win a National Championship. This is where he began to have an eye for recognizing Quarterback talent in the Tampa Bay area and when he began training young Quarterbacks. After years of experience working with Quarterbacks at all levels, he started “HUSTLE INC QUARTERBACKS CLINIC ACADEMY”.

Over the past 15 years, Coach Ballard has helped develop hundreds of Quarterbacks from refining their technique in the position to teaching them the value of being a leader on the field and in the classroom. Coach Ballard’s attention to detail, knowledge of the game, and the ability to translate complex techniques into an easily recognizable language separates him from the rest!

He participated at the 2013 Eastbay All American Game as Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach on 4 state championship Teams. He also has coached 2 high school All American Quarterbacks.

Coach Ballard is an active member of the 2012 “FBU” FOOTBALL UNIVERSITY Quarterback coaching staff. In 2011, he was a member in FBU Top Gun Camp Quarterback coaching staff where the top players at their position from across the country showcased their talents.

Coach Ballard currently serves as the Lead Quarterback coach for Star Training Academy. In addition, he consults for several Georgia High School Football Teams and is Quarterback Coach at CES Performance in Duluth, GA, the place where Pro Athlete’s train in the off season and College Quarterbacks train for NFL combine and Pro Day!!

In all of his accomplishments, what Coach Ballard appreciates most is the development of his students off the field by becoming mature and responsible young men.


Hustle Inc.

Hustle Inc. was established in 1997 for the reason of bringing back the basic fundamentals of playing quarterback at all levels – not just the physical part, but the mental part as well.

Why Hustle Inc.? No matter what challenges you face on or off the field, never let anyone become mentally stronger than you. Hustle Inc. teaches today’s youth, “How to Become Tomorrow’s Leader’s. “


Hustle Inc.’s [3] R’s to being a great Quarterback:

RELAX, being in control of yourself, comfortable poised, enjoying what you do.
RELATE, understanding what’s in front of you. Pre-snap reads. Coverage’s. Spending the time in the classroom. Understanding the mechanics.
RELEASE, make it happen! Make the throw!

Over the last 15 years, Hustle Inc. has helped numerous kids attain college scholarships. Are you looking for that “Edge” to take your skills to the next level? Our Philosophy is “If you work hard to develop talent, you will earn the opportunity to gain success!!!”

The Moral To the Entire Story – THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!!!!!

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