How do you prepare?

"Coach Tony is a Rare and Priceless coach, but even a more Rare and Priceless person!!"
Jim Guarantano // Rutgers University
All American / Hall of Fame Wide Receiver


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@400hundredyrs Ya'll don't won't none of Georgia! Lol
@400hundredyrs What do you mean keep up with us
RT @Boomer145: @Guarantano18 Kid would look good in Crimson and Cream! #Boomer
@400hundredyrs What's going on in VA!
@A_Kendall11 Your turn! # My guy Austin Kendall
@DemetricDWarren That's why he is the Best
RT @DemetricDWarren: Peyton Manning! Wow!
RT @heiditoro: “@juanderfulpics1: Bergen Catholic QB#18” @Guarantano18
Shout out to @Thurm405 @UtahCoachWhitt Big win yesterday at Michigan! Big win! @LilThurm
RT @DemetricDWarren: Lane Kiffin's offensive game plan today was on point! Also can be credited with Blake Sims development. #GoodHire
RT @DemetricDWarren: Amari Cooper>Every WR in CFB 🐘
@DemetricDWarren I just said that Dem! Lol
Can we say Best WR in college football. .. Amari Cooper. .... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! # Grown Man
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